Spring flowers
autumn moon
summer breezes
winter snow:

With mind uncluttered
·  this is  ·
the finest season!

-Wúmén Huìkāi


The Ancient of Days - Wm. Blake

The Ancient of Days ~ William Blake


With every moment
a new beginning
May this very moment
quicken from stillness
balance in motion
refresh our dreams
And may all that came before
known, hidden, re-emergent
Inspire, create and nurture
with delightful satisfaction
and harmonious inclusion
This life
this orbit
that we share

Anacient of Days  

With best wishes
for freedom, joy and peace

For gentle embrace
with what matters most

Tolerant understanding
of self and (seeming) other

Illumination to dispel the dark
without ~ within ~ between

Connection and communion
with all that be good and righteous

For clear vision of what is and may yet be
in 2020 – and all times and worlds to come!