Spring flowers
autumn moon
summer breezes
winter snow:

With mind uncluttered
·  this is  ·
the finest season!

-Wúmén Huìkāi

Smoke signals

Before 9-1-1, the 4-1-1 on 5-1-1…

Lincoln has always been a town of volunteers. Lincoln’s Minutemen were first to arrive on April 19th, 1775. A few years earlier, the town itself had been conceived, negotiated for, assembled and established by a handful of families committed to local community. Lincoln as we know it now—preserving certain […]

Natives and Early Settlers

On the day of the harvest feast held after they brought in their first crop in the late summer and early fall of 1621, the Pilgrims gladly accepted the five deer brought to the event by Massasoit, the sachem of the Massachusett tribe. The Pilgrims were grateful to Massasoit because, when they were hungry and […]

Bedrock of history

I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this blog. It is pretty exciting to actually get blogged, considering the state of the blogosphere these days. I appreciate this opportunity to share my research here, doubly so because my work relates to the geologic history of the area for which this blog is dedicated.


What lies beneath

Farrar Pond lies in a part of Lincoln that—unlike most of New England—is nearly devoid of visible rocks. (Colonial-era irony: the Massachusetts farmer exhausts his life prying boulders out of his fields, hauling them aside, and grunting them up into neat stone walls. So when he dies, they plant him with a rock on his […]

Shaking all under

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…

Not depicted on the Geography page are the rock formations underlying all those soils and topographic features. Several maps are available, including static and interactive ones from various federal and state agencies (key here); the Physical Resources > Bedrock Geology entries in […]

A Good Walk Made Better

Farrar Pond Place Names

If you like to walk along the Farrar Pond trail on our south side of the pond, you may enjoy this reprint and update of an article first published in the October 1999 issue of the Farrar Ponder, the Farrar Pond Village newsletter. The article points out certain landmarks from the […]

Fear and Hiding on April 19, 1775

Very near Farrar Pond Village, an event related to the American Revolution occurred on April 19, 1775. The story involves Mercy Hoar Farrar, wife of Lt. Samuel Farrar, Jr., a Lincoln Minute Man who fought in the Battle of Concord and Lexington. The event involving Mercy Farrar may have occurred because of fears […]