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The sun also rises!



Keep calm and carry on…



A box without hinges, key, or lid, Yet golden treasure within is hid.



Forasmuch as all passeth, so ariseth all anew Be of humours mild and hope […]


With winter relatively benign and safely (?) passed, the curtain rises

on an at last-full pond and a typically atypical New England spring, revealing both broad and intimate vistas of calm and content:

Mute swan

With temperatures departing in both directions from a notional norm, wind-pumping and variable water level (but not, […]


A man in the wilderness asked of me: “How many strawberries grow in the sea?”







I answered him, as it seemed good: “As many as red herrings swim in the wood.”


Snow globe


We arrive at the bottom of winter…


Crabapple en gelee


The shortest day of any northern year is, of course, the winter solstice. But modern society values efficiency over adherence to natural rhythm, and we have separated ourselves from solar time in favor of the normalized hyperfine tick of […]

Solstice suspiration


    The dream of reason   


…in manus tuas…



Tranquil in day that defines at home with growth and form


  Weightless in night that re-knits sojourning silent mists and stars



darkness scintillant

So as ground shifts and seasons […]

All Hallows’ Eve

“Si da el cántaro en la piedra o la piedra en el cántaro, mal para el cántaro.” – Sancho Panza

Windows open; no-one home

Farrar Pond and its environs teem with ghosts: Nipmuc displaced by settlers or cleared by imported disease and alcohol, native wolves and turkeys long extinct, […]

Fall out


Last rays back-lighting a vigilant osprey, the solar orb settles quickly: autumnal equinox marks (among other seasonal evolutions) the south-fleeing sun’s most rapid decline. So while thermal hysteresis—”seasonal lag”—delays the steepest drop in temperature, day-length dwindles apace. This time around, an over-wrought summer broke suddenly, disappointing delinquent beachgoers but relieving students in un-air-conditioned […]

Winter Solstice


Hold fast to dreams For if dreams die Life is a broken-winged bird That cannot fly. Hold fast to dreams For when dreams go Life is a barren field Frozen with snow.

  – Langston Hughes



Interdependence Day

Eyes on the prize

On this date, the zenith of American barbecue and picnic activity, we can share the bounty (and have less to clean up afterward) by offering our leavings to our natural neighbors, here a selection of sciurids:




Is this where they hide […]

Winter is here

Spring flowers, autumn moon; summer breezes, winter snow: With mind uncluttered, this is the finest season.

–Wumen Huikai


Winter is, in some respects, the most interesting season. Sparse simplicity and more measured movement bring clearer focus on what is, what changes, and what may come. Over the scenes where dramas of spring […]

Columbus Day in Massachusetts

It’s not just the colors, actually. After all, the colors are all bunched on one side of the color wheel—greens, and yellows and oranges and reds. And it’s not just the brilliance, mostly pastel—although shafts of occasional sunlight do make the colors glow. What it is is the surprise of it all.


Fall is here

Spring flowers, autumn moon; summer breezes, winter snow: With mind uncluttered, this is the finest season.

–Wumen Huikai


Autumn is, in some respects, the most interesting season. It is a time of drying, crackling, shedding, of pulling vital juices back into deep roots and preparing for death, deep dormancy, rebirth in situ […]