Spring flowers
autumn moon
summer breezes
winter snow:

With mind uncluttered
·  this is  ·
the finest season!

-Wúmén Huìkāi

Trails, access, parking

Public trails currently run mainly to the south and west of the pond, extending in several directions—most notably, through the Mount Misery system to Walden and Flint’s Ponds. This partial map, by hand-held GPS under leaf cover, is not suitable for high-speed navigation or night landings:

Partial trail map

Partial trail mapWhile well-maintained overall, some sections are steeply graded or cling to hillsides; low areas may be muddy, while roots, water bars and post-storm deadfalls and beaver drops suggest close attention to the path.

A printed map may be purchased at many shops in Lincoln, or directly from LLCT. The entire Lincoln trail system is available for sectional download here; see Map 2: Mt. Misery Area. As this system continues to be expanded and improved, check the Lincoln Conservation site for updates.

The Bay Circuit Trail passes Farrar Pond:

Bay Circuit Trail, Map 7 (part) - click for full map

Bay Circuit Trail, Map 7 (part) – click image for full map

Public trails shown on these maps cross lands in diverse ownership: the Town, various trusts, and private property. For the benefit of all users, now and into the future, please be considerate of the rights of landowners and the fragility of ecosystems, as well as comfort and safety for yourself and other trail users. Major concerns include protection of plants and wildlife, minimizing erosion and other physical damage, prevention of fire, control of invasive land and aquatic plants. Reasonable courtesies around smoking, keeping dogs under control, and staying on marked trails go a long way toward keeping this special resource available to all. Here is one short set of guidelines:

  • Trails identified with colored markers (yellow, red/orange) are open to pedestrians, cross-country skiers and horseback riders.  Bicycle riding is
    permitted only on trails expressly marked for such use.

  • Bicycle and horseback riding are not permitted where so marked and in wet areas or other sensitive areas where their use may result in damage to the
    trail or to public water supplies.

  • Pets must be suitably controlled at all times.

  • All dogs must be leashed within fenced pastures, or when so posted.

  • Please avoid littering, picking flowers, injuring vegetation, or passing through fields under active cultivation.

  • Hunting, trapping or carrying firearms (even if unloaded) is not allowed.

  • Cars must be parked in designated parking areas only.

  • Fire is a serious danger in woodlands – please refrain from smoking unless the ground is snow covered or very wet; no fires or camping except with prior
    written permission of the property owner.

with a more complete list here.

Fishing:  The Farrar Pond Conservation Trust’s policy is

Farrar Pond is a private pond maintained by the abutters. It is designated conservation land and is open for use by Lincoln residents for enjoyment in non-powered boats.  Fishing is not allowed except by abutters or with written permission from an abutter.